Benefits of Azure for SMBs

We’ve been working with a number of our customers to help them to move their workloads to the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure platform. During this time these companies have discovered many different benefits to the changes that they have made. This article describes some of those benefits at a high level, we’ll be diving in deeper to each of these in other posts soon.

Azure Management

Upgrade or downgrade Server size (hardware) within minutes based on real-time metrics on how much your virtual hardware is utilised.  Power off machines if not in use to save money. No more over-specifying hardware. The management is intuitive and flexible meaning you can make the most of your investment.


Carbon Cloud service and rapid response that our customers love but with escalation all the way to Microsoft if required, you don’t need to worry about server versions, patching schedule or maintenance. We’ll take care of all of it for you.


Backups, Disaster Recovery, Firewall, Multi-Factor Authentication, VPN all configurable in seconds. As services move more towards the cloud, connect client directly in to the environment via secure, MFA-backed client VPN.

File Services

Move that behemoth of a file server to Azure file services and just keep a cache on-site for performance.  You can use automatic tiering of data based on date/frequency of access meaning you may only need a small fraction of your data onsite. With all your data backed up painlessly.  Access data securely from anywhere, direct, VPN, on-prem – you name it.  Azure gives companies a new level of comfort against damaging ransomware attacks.


Lose the horrendous recurring SQL licencing cost and associated server hardware by using a managed instance in Azure.

Endpoint Management

A remote workforce means a different style of asset management.  Updates, patches, security, application access & installations have to be delivered differently.  Managing hardware replacement without a massive amount of central management. Ship laptops, phones and devices direct to users and automatically configure these with the correct applications, configuration and security access without tying up expensive IT resource.

Tailor security to the device. Allow OneDrive downloads on an encrypted company laptop – no problem.  Prevent “copy & paste” on a non-company device, no problem as well. 

We hope that this whistle-stop tour of some of the benefits of Azure has been useful, please look out for our deep dive articles on Azure benefits coming soon, subscribe to our newsletter to get our content delivered directly to your inbox.

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