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The workplace is changing. Even perform the transformative effects of the global pandemic, users were demanding more and more flexibility to work the way that suits them best. This has meant a proliferation of devices, both corporate and personal, an explosion in the use of remote working, and a demand for simple, easy to access collaboration.

Carbon Cloud’s consultancy team has delivered successful projects to many customers which have revolutionised the way in which their staff works. We can help you improve the productivity and satisfaction of your user base whilst ensuring data security and ease of management of your devices.

Carbon Cloud's modern workplace solutions will help you:-

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Utilise a flexible cloud platform

Carbon Cloud can help you create a new digital office that allows you to leverage the reliable, flexible features of Microsoft’s cloud solutions. By utilising this platform you can create a cost-effective, workplace that delivers real-time collaboration, remote-first access and enterprise class security.

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Protect and manage all your devices

In an increasingly remote work environment, device and edge security has increased in importance. Our team of expert consultants can help you to create a new, modern workplace that allows your users to work as they need to, whilst protecting your valuable data using Intune and Endpoint Management.

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Deliver real-time collaboration

The rapid move to remote work enforced by the global COVID pandemic has meant that users need simple, reliable ways to interact with each other. Carbon Cloud utilise Microsoft Teams and Business Voice to ensure that our customers are able to collaborate in real-time and to keep your staff productive and secure.

Our Modern Workplace Solutions will deliver

Advanced Meetings Experiences

Rich device experience from anywhere

Workflows and apps to simplify tasks

Access desktops and apps from any device

Management & Security of devices and users

Drive culture and encourage collaboration

Book a Modern Workplace Design Workshop

The first step towards the transformation to a digital workplace is to ensure that the current environment is fully understood and that requirements are clearly defined. This can be tricky to achieve in today’s fast-paced technology world. Working as a Microsoft Partner, Carbon Cloud have a clearly defined workshop approach that will help you to understand what is possible, and to develop a transformation roadmap.

Carbon Cloud will help you to review technology solutions for secure remote working, collaboration, use of Teams and voice calling and will give security options for your entire data and device estate.

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