Protecting your Users and Data in the New Digital World

The global pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work and the consumerisation of business IT systems. Whilst this has supported the operations of many businesses and allowed users to continue to be productive during these unprecedented times, it has also raised many concerns around security.

Carbon Cloud is an expert in helping businesses protect their most important assets regardless of the device or location they are accessed from. Our Mobile Device Management consultants have helped many customers to design and implement security, device, and application management solutions using the power of Microsoft’s Intune and Endpoint Manager product suites.

How Carbon Cloud can help you protect your data

Carbon Cloud’s expert Intune consultants can help you to secure your organisation using the enterprise-class security features available to you in Office 365. We’ll design you a solution that helps you protect your businesses data. Carbon Cloud has a range of customers in many different sectors that have benefited from the identity management, conditional access and device management features available within Endpoint Manager and Intune.

Identity and Access Management

Automatically block or limit access if a user’s identity or device becomes compromised.

Single pane of glass management of identify across on-premises and cloud directories (traditional AD and AAD).

Discover and assess risk levels of 3rd party apps in use, deploy appropriate remedial actions centrally.

Remove the need for passwords by utilising PINs or biometrics.

Identify, monitor and restrict any privileged identities and their access to sensitive resources.

Gain insight and alerts regarding user credentials that may be compromised and for sale. Assign appropriate risk levels to these users.

Why Microsoft?

Protect your data on all devices

Carbon Cloud can help you to ensure the security of your data on both corporate and personal devices using mobile app management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM). We can help you select the right solution and make it easy to manage.

Increase user satisfaction

Today’s users demand more. The increase in remote working has meant that your users require more flexibility from their work environment, but you still need to manage the security of your data. Carbon Cloud can help you implement proactive analytics to measure user experience and assess this against industry baselines. Our Device Management consultants are experienced in delivering solutions that give great user experience whilst reducing service desk costs and complexity.

Zero-Trust security controls

Carbon Cloud has deployed many solutions that enable users to access their business data securely using the conditional access and App control features within Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune. Our team can advise you on the deployment of solutions that will constantly monitor and assess your environment and can quickly spot and fix issues and vulnerabilities.