Cloud Backup and
Disaster Recovery

Carbon Cloud understands

that one of the major headaches facing businesses today is ensuring that their critical data and systems are fully backed up and are easily recoverable in the event of an issue. Many businesses don’t have the luxury of a second site to store the backups of their main infrastructure and often rely on tapes or portable hard drives being taken home with members of staff to reduce the risk of a disastrous event at their office location.

We’ve designed an easy to manage, cost effective solution to this issue, using the power of modern cloud technologies. No more worries about backup success, no more uncertainty around recovery and no more moving around backup disks and tapes.



All of your data, from all of your servers. No matter what the operating system or application.


When you do need your data back, we’ll make sure its accessible as quickly as possible.


We’ll help you set up a backup regime that works for your business, and monitor it’s performance giving you complete peace of mind.

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Carbon Cloud can utilise the scale and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure platform to backup all of your data and systems, giving you peace of mind that your business critical data exists on an enterprise class, highly available cloud platform. In the event that you need to recover data, we can provide access to a self-service portal to allow users to recover their own files, or can provide assistance to enact a full recovery of your systems in the event of a disastrous event.

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution is delivered with a financially backed 99.9% availability guarantee and we can even replicate your data to different regions if you require this level of protection.