The benefits of cloud computing are huge to businesses of all sizes. Cloud has become ubiquitous across many industry sectors and individual users now demand their workplaces provide them with the convenience, ease of use and scalability of cloud-based systems.

Carbon Cloud has many years of experience in a range of cloud technologies, our staff have designed, implemented and managed a range of cloud solutions, as a result of this experience, we are well placed to advise our customers on what to look for in a potential cloud platform.

Carbon Cloud recommends that businesses look to base the digital transformation of their business on the scale, reliability and depth of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Why Azure?

Microsoft’s Azure platform is the most complete, scale-out cloud platform available to businesses today. The Azure cloud is constantly evolving with new services being released regularly. The available services within Azure today will be sufficient to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes, whilst only paying for the things that you need.

Whilst Azure is a cost-effective way of running virtual machines, there are many other Azure native services that may be beneficial to your business.


  • Networking managed in the Azure platform
  • Range of database options as a service
  • Security services built-in
  • Native VPN and secure gateway
  • AI and bot deployments

How Carbon Cloud can help

Carbon Cloud are experts in helping our customers to take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure platform. We work with businesses from the very start of their cloud journey, understanding their business operations, requirements, and constraints, meaning that we can architect a solution that adds demonstrable value to their business.

91% of business leaders see digital transformation as a way of sparking innovation and finding efficiencies.

Research Report, ISACA, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, 2018

Carbon Cloud’s expert Azure technical consultants have designed a proven operational methodology based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. This is a set of tools, guides and best practices that are designed to give customers the best chance of a successful cloud adoption project. The framework is appropriate regardless of whether you are planning to migrate on-premises workloads or to create new products and services.

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