Carbon Cloud can help your business to ensure the security of data during remote working. We utilise a range of technologies to support your users to work securely from anywhere.

Carbon Cloud understands that during the global pandemic intense pressure was put on businesses to rapidly provide remote working to staff to ensure that they could communicate and collaborate as required and to keep productivity high.

Many of our customers have utilised tools such as Microsoft Teams and other features of Office 365 to facilitate this requirement and have come to rely on these transformation tools to run their business.

Carbon Cloud has been engaged by organisations of all sizes to help them ensure that these systems have been deployed in the most secure way possible and to help them create a longer-term plan for secure remote working.

In partnership with Microsoft, Carbon Cloud can deliver in-depth strategic workshop activities to help your business fully understand requirements and to make a plan for the implementation of the right services and solutions to keep things secure.

Our Secure Remote Working workshop will cover:-

  • Understand your secure work from anywhere goals and objectives
  • Envision priority scenarios with a Customer Immersion Experience
  • Define your existing and desired work from anywhere scenarios
  • Identification of potential blockers and challenges
  • Environmental & workload analysis
  • A list of actionable recommendations to implement hybrid identity, Microsoft Teams, and security
  • Develop a joint action plan based on key results, recommendations and next steps
  • Teams & Security Adoption Kit, including end-user training, workload introductions, and support resources