CybSafe is an award-winning cloud-based Unified Cyber Awareness Platform that helps businesses to improve their cyber security behaviour, and reduce cyber risk

CybSafe helps you ensure that your users are aware of cyber risks and understand the correct behaviours to keep your data secure

With the complex risks that face businesses of all sizes in today’s environment it is vitally important that your users are not the weakest point of your cyber defences. Traditional tick-box training is no longer enough to ensure that your staff are aware of the risks they face in their day to day roles and a more rounded approach is needed.

CybSafe is more than just online training. It has been developed in conjunction with Cyber professionals, national security experts and behavioural psychologists to create an awareness platform that monitors users performance, builds engagement and delivers protection against the constantly changing threat landscape.

CybSafe drives real and lasting change in the cyber security culture of your people and your organisation



Platform Description

Defend Phishing Attacks

NCSC Phishing Advice

What is CybSafe?

Cyber security technology that fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science to go beyond “tick-box” cyber security awareness training and addresses human cyber risk.

CybSafe is a British cyber security technology company, and a GCHQ certified awareness platform that reduces the cost and complexity of administering a modern cyber security, data protection and privacy awareness program. CybSafe helps organisations to measure, understand and reduce cyber and data protection risk by focusing on Awareness, Behaviour and Culture.

The award-wining, cloud based SaaS CybSafe platform leverages advanced data analytics and cognitive technologies to provide insight on individual human cyber security and data protection risk in real time. It uses non-sensitive data to identify ever-evolving risk patterns, show organisations where their human cyber vulnerabilities are, and which awareness interventions are working.

The application of machine learning and NLP technology makes the platform increasingly “intelligent” and as a result it delivers accredited, cyber security awareness content and a threat-based learning experience that personalises over time.

Organisations that use CybSafe save money, free up precious resource, reduce training time, increase user engagement, understand and mitigate human cyber risk and measure results more effectively.

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