Free the chains – Azure & Office365

Anyone find noisy, dusty, hot equipment annoying?

Particularly when it sits in the corner of your office whirring away, only to fall over and need fixing – meaning downtime for your business. Even if it doesn’t break, you’ll still need to maintain it (so it doesn’t) and upgrade and update both hardware and software every few years, typically after paying a small ransom to an IT Consultant to do it for you. Live, Die, Repeat.

At Carbon, we are busy helping to rewrite the rules for businesses, freeing them from the endless cycle of upgrades and enabling true Enterprise-class services that flex and breathe in sync with your business.

We’ve recently completed a migration for a customer which has allowed them to get rid of all their back-end equipment including Domain Controllers, Exchange, File and Application servers.

The solution? Simple. Office 365 for Email, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Collaboration tools. Azure File Storage to give the Staff a consistent method of accessing and storing data. Everything looks the same, but couldn’t be more different.

We can now support this client centrally, expanding and contracting licences and resources as needed, even on a Monthly basis, taking the guesswork out of capacity planning. Everything is in the Cloud, including backups.

Now breathe again.

If you are interested in how Carbon can help free you from hardware, please drop us an email, tweet or call and we’d be delighted to help you.

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