Over $113 billion will be spent annually on Information Security by 2020, and yet breaches are still a regular occurrence.

Carbon Cloud's team have worked with security technologies for many years. Our experience ranges from network design, process and policy review through to the deployment of PCI compliant solutions for major retailers and loyalty card providers. We have worked with both the traditional and next-gen firewall providers and have helped customers to strengthen their defences against attack. We understand that the key to a cyber-security strategy is to fully understand the threat-profile and to ensure that you are detecting and remediating threats both externally and internally of your business.

A Holistic Approach

Today's enterprises need to find new ways of dealing with cyber threats. It is clear that it will be difficult, if not impossible to fix this problem by throwing more resources at it. Carbon Cloud have built a Cyber-Security practice based on the principle that next-generation technologies can fill this gap through the use of AI and machine learning. By deploying tools that can automate the cycle of Predict, Prevent, Detect and Response, businesses are able to reduce the reliance on human resources, whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of human error or intention becoming a threat source.

Whilst there is already a crippling skills shortage in cyber-security, (ISC)² has predicted that this will grow to 350,000 vacancies in 2022

Carbon Cloud have significant experience in Cyber Security Consultancy and will always work with our client to ensure that a holistic approach is taken to information security.

Gartner has been advising clients since 2013 that “Prevention is futile in 2020. Advanced targeted attacks make prevention-centric strategies obsolete.”

We add value at all stages of the information security and governance process. From audit and review of your current state, through development of a cyber security strategy, to design and build of next-gen technology solutions. We can even provide an ongoing cyber security managed service to organisations that do not have the resources required to deliver this in house.

Microsoft’s Reference Cyber-Security Architecture

Carbon Cloud have chosen to partner with a number of security vendors that are able to demonstrate their solution's ability to fit into a holistic approach to information security and are able to utilise next-gen technology such as AI and machine learning to reduce the required human resource required to deliver an end-to-end cyber security strategy.

You can read more about how each of these vendors' solutions can help your organisation by clicking on the logos below.